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  • Clean Air - Nanoscale cold evaporation technology, bacteria and virus removal rate: 99.99%
  • Mist-Free Humidifier - Pure humidification, no mist or white powder, will not make your floor/table wet
  • Intelligent constant humidification - You can set your desired humidity levels
  • Direct water-adding - Straightforward, Super Easy, Visual display screen
  • 3L water tank - 250ml/h humidification amount (at high speed), 12H continuous moisture
  • Low noise & quiet - Night mode to keep it running quietly at night
  • Relax atmosphere lamp - Colorful, Calm, Romantic
  • Attachable remote controller - Easy to use

Airdog Mist-Free Evaporative Air Humidifier adopts the latest technologies that can kill 99% virus and bacteria, provides with Clean Air, Healthy Breathing, and Relaxing Atmosphere at your home and office.

Airdog Mist-Free Evaporative Air Humidifier adopts the latest technologies that can kill 99% of virus and bacteria, providing Clean Air, Healthier Breathing, and Relaxing Atmosphere for your home and office. 

MIST-FREE – No Fog, No Dust, Clean Air

Different from traditional ultrasonic humidifier that has a lot of mist and provides only localized humidity, Airdog’s Mist-Free Air Humidifier adopts the principle of Nano Cold Evaporative humidification, no fog, no dust, cleans the inhaled air, filters the water before evaporating, keep clean water and humidify from the beginning and help you breath clean air. 


Heathy Breathing, Protect Families

Covid virus and air pollution are big concerns for our quality life today. Airdog strictly applies 4 elements to ensure BACTERIA & VIRUS FREE, offering clean air breathing protection for BABIES, PREGNANT MOM, ELDERS, BREATHING-ALLERGETIC people, and your PETS.

Remove 99.99% Of Viruses, Bacteria, Mold, Pollen and Particles in Space Up to 450 sq.ft - Airdog X5 purifer

UV sterilization 

Ensure inlet air is clean 

Water Filter

 A bacteria/virus proof design

Evaporates process

Purify from beginning

Silver additives

Prevents the bacteria grown


  • Height: 13.3 inches
  • Length : 9.4 inches
  • Width : 9.4 inches
  • Noise Level: 35 dB(A)
  • Water Tank capacity: 3L
  • Applicable Area: 430 Sq.ft

Rated humidfy & POWER

  • Rated humidfy: 250ML/h
  • Power: 14W
  • Voltage: 110V; 50-60Hz
  • Control model: Remote control, touch screen

Package includes

  • 1 x Airdog XD-3000B (Mist-Free air humidifier)
  • 1 x Manual
  • 1 x Universal Plug
  • 1 x Free Hygrometer 


Certificates - Airdog X5 purifer
Reusable filter - Airdog X5 air purifer


No Mist, Only Clean Moisture 

Traditional humidifiers will produce a lot of water mist and white powder that will make the floor and desktop wet, which will, over time, grow mold and bacteria that is harmful to our health.  Airdog’s Mist-Free Air Humidifier adopts the principle of Nano Cold Evaporative humidification, no mist, no dust, offering you purified clean moisture. 

UV Sterilization

Virus & bacteria Remove Rate: 99.99%

Airdog applies 4 steps to ensure BACTERIA & VIRUS FREE moisture, offering clean and fresh air breathing protection for BABIES, PREGNANT MOTHERS, SENIORS, ALLERGENIC PRONE, and your PETS. For your more comfortable experience, it is recommended to clean the filter every week and change the filter every 3 months.

High - volume airflow, low noise - Airdog X5 air purifer
 TPA® Technology: Active Filtration - Airdog X5 air purifer


Customized as desired, Comfortable as wish!  

Intelligent constant humidification. You can set whatever makes you comfortable humidity levels of your room. It also can display the nearby humidity levels, so you could know your ambient environmental conditions.

Low Noise


Turn on the quiet mode for a good sleep. At this mode, the noise is only 35 db(A), even lower than the noise of an air conditioner. 
Real-time  display - Airdog X5 air purifer
Smart control & easy to operate - Airdog X5 air purifer

Attachable, Convenient

Attachable Remote Controller 

This cute remote controller conveniently attaches to the humidifier body. With it, you can remote control the humidifier within 10 Ft. Very simple and convenient, it's suitable for children and elderly persons. 


Colorful, Calm, Romantic

The 7-colors rainbow atmosphere lamp creates a colorful and romantic environment, relaxing you at home or in SPA and salon settings.

Airdog innovative solution - Airdog X5 air purifer
Reusable filter - Airdog X5 air purifer

Easy Refilling

Straightforward, Super Easy!

Add water by pouring directly into the top or by opening the cover. Simple and easy to use! 250ML/H humidification capacity and 3L large-capacity water tank ensures comfortable humidity for 12 hours. Usage Tip: Keep an eye on the water overflow port. Pouring water directly along the upper right corner may cause water to leak. 

All Room Moisture

Humidify Whole Room

Traditional ultrasonic humidifiers can only humidify the area that's immediately near the humidifier. Airdog humidifiers can humidify the whole room, so you are able to enjoy clean and fresh air in every corner of your space!

High - volume airflow, low noise - Airdog X5 air purifer


Enjoy Healthy Life

The best air humidifier

Direct water-adding, 3L water tank, 250ml/h humidification amount(at high speed), 12H continuous moisture. 

Clean Air

Nanoscale cold evaporation technology, bacteria and virus removal rate: 99.99%.

Mist-Free Air Humidifier

Pure humidification, no mist or white powder, will not make your floor/table wet.

Intelligent Design

Intelligent constant humidification, you can set your desired humidity levels. Visual display screen, Relax atmosphere lamp, Remote controller...

Whisper Quiet

Low nosie & quiet, night mode to keep it running quietly at night.

For a  healthy life - Airdog air purifer
Airdog X5 air purifer in your home

Airdog Air Humidifier

Clean Air, Healthy Breathing, and Relaxing Atmosphere

Airdog X5 air purifer


Airdog Mist-Free Air Humidifier + Airdog Air Purifier

The extensive water vapor in the air that the traditional ultrasonic humidifier produces would suck into the Airdog and might damage our electronic parts. Thus, the MIST- FREE Air Humidifier is the best working with our Airdog Air Purifiers. Together, we provide safer and cleaner air for you and everyone in the world!

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Airdog Mist-Free Humidifier

I used to use the ultrasonic ones and this is the first evaporative humidifier I got. It looks to me that it is more efficient but also noisier comparing to my old ones. Plus I dont need to clean the water tank very frequently like once per two days. The humidifier it self is larger than I expected. In terms of cleaning, I have to carry it to the water sink and if you dont have a large enough sink it could be somehow hard to clean. It is pretty easy to use from my perspective, I just pour tap water in to the water tank and that is it!

Mad Mensch
Airdog Mist-Free Humidifier

I am giving the Airdog humidifier 5 stars but in reality it is more like a 4.5, it is great but not perfect. That said, prior to the airdog I have owned 2 Levoit misting humidifiers and they were ok but I really wanted an evaporative humidifier so I took a chance on this relatively new product. Compared to the Levoit humidifiers I was surprised how quickly the Airdog is able to humidify my small home-office. As you can see in the attached pic the Airdog significantly increased the humidity in the room in about an hour or less and it did it with zero mist. I would say it is as effective or more effective than the misting humidifiers. Before purchasing the Airdog I thought that evaporative humidifiers were a gimmick or less effective, so I was really pleased to see just how good the Airdog worked and how quickly it raised humidity.As to the negatives: There is a few features on the Airdog that are useless, and some features I wish it had. One of the features I really miss about the Levoit humidifiers was the ability to control the humidifier remotely anywhere through the app. With the Airdog there is no app and you can only control it on the device itself or via the included remote control. Another feature I really wish it had was the ability to memorize your set humidity level after turning the device off/on. Unfortunately every time you turn off the device you have to re-select your desired run type (low, high, or auto) and if you choose auto you have to re-set your target humidity , which is extremely annoying. Instead of giving us this basic memory function Airdog decided it was better to give us a rainbow LED light show that does NOT give you the option to select one color and keep it there. Thankfully you can leave the LED lights off completely. To avoid having to re-select and reset your humidity target you can just leave the humidifier running all the time (which I do), but the downside to that is you will have to refill the humidifier like 2-3 times per day whic.

Arthur h.

Unfortunately the clear plastic water gauge leaked water while filling the container. I filled it to the proper level but the rectangle shape shield leaked. I didn’t return it because it’s something I could repair with some water seal. So I did and it works fine.

Andrew M.

I am really enjoying my Airdog humidifiers. They are nice and quiet, easy to maintain and look great. The shipping was very quick and customer service has been very helpful with any questions. Thanks Airdogs!

Parul Shah
Airdog Mist-Free Humidifier

Got it from Airdog Amazon very quick, been using it for almost a month. I'd like to say this is really high quality product of Airdog. I love their brand, always offer premium products! This Mist-Free Humidifier is working very well, I feel moisture and much clean air breathing in my room. Also it works so quiet at night, no noise bothers me! And i love the rainbow light, so cute!!!